We are proud of the honey our hives produce and have chosen our best ranking ByBi honey from 2019 to enter into the London International Honey Award 2020. Our choice: Gartneriet Bygdø Kongsgård, a liquid multi-floral autumn honey. OUR HONEY RECEIVED GOLD! EU’s Honey Directive, Quality Services International; Basic chemical analysis This tasty autumn honey is describes by our sommelier as such: Culinary characteristics

Honey is an exquisite product with a range of flavour, varying from mild and sweet raspberry honey to the complex and sharply bitter chestnut honey. Honey is a product of nature created by the harmonic relationship between bees and flowers. The flavour, colour and aroma of honey is determined by each unique flower’s nectar that the bees harvest. The nectar is transformed by the bees into honey by adding enzymes and probiotics, as well as reducing the water content from about 80% to under 20%. The consistency of honey is determined by both the composition of sugar in the nectar and how the nectar is matured by the bees. The sugars create the graininess of various honeys whereas the maturing process determines the thickness of that honey.

ByBi has five apiaries in various locations in Olso. Despite their close proximity, the floral diversity, landscape and microclimate in the city results in distinct flavours from each terroir. Due to the exciting differences, we taste in the honey, we harvest each apiary separately in order to preserve and highlight the unique flavours from each part of the city. Our five locations include Gartneriet Bygdø Kongsgård, Maridalen the surrounding forest area of Oslo and in the royal parks central in Oslo; Kongsgården, Oscarshall, Dronningparken. We harvest honey twice each season. Our Summer honey is harvested in July and our Autumn honey is harvested at the beginning of September.

We offer both liquid and creamed honey. The liquid honey is tapped straight from the extractor into our jars. The creamed honey is carefully stirred by hand for a couple of minutes every day for three to four days to break down the crystals into fine grains creating a smooth creamy texture. Our honey is neither heated nor contains additives. The liquid honey will crystalise over time, which is a natural process and does not reduce its quality. Nevertheless, an undesirable uneven crystallisation may occur in some honeys. This can be reversed by placing the jar of honey in a bain-marie that is heated to 40°C, slowly melting the honey. Heating the honey at a temperature of maximum 40°C will not significantly alter the honey’s properties and quality.

Storage: Honey is a live product that is affected by the air, scents and temperature of its surrounds. You will preserve your honey’s properties by storing it in a dark, dry and cool environment (about 18°C). We also package our honey in glass jars as opposed to plastic to ensure no unwanted flavours are transferred to your honey.

The aroma profile is created by our honey sommelier Veslemøy Hvidsten Aromakart 2019
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ByBi is approved by the KSL and all of our beekeepers are certified. Our Oslo honey is tested for city-related toxins and does not contain detectable levels.