In a new collaboration aimed at enhancing bee health and promoting a more pollinator-friendly environment in Oslo, two Oslo-based organizations, ByBi and Beefutures, have joined forces. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to leveraging technology and innovative approaches to address the pressing challenges faced by bees and other pollinators in urban landscapes.

ByBi, a local organization dedicated to promoting biodiversity through bees and urban beekeeping, and Beefutures, known for its cutting-edge technology for bee health and biodiversity, recognize the critical role that bees play in sustaining ecosystems and supporting food production not only in the countryside, but within cities too. With Oslo’s urbanization encroaching upon natural habitats, protecting bee populations has become increasingly imperative.

Driving the collaboration is finding more ways to use technology to support bee health. The partnership seeks to engage the community in collective efforts to transform Oslo into a more pollinator-friendly city. ByBi brings its expertise in urban beekeeping and community outreach, organizing educational workshops, and raising awareness about the importance of pollinators. Beefutures contributes its technological expertise in interactive tools and platforms that enhance bee health using data and bee therapies.

Together, ByBi and Beefutures envision a future where Oslo serves as a model for sustainable urban development, where green spaces are abundant, and pollinators thrive alongside residents. Throughout the coming weeks, we will share joint-educational articles, videos and short reels to get the word out and spur more engagement from the Oslo community, and we will have some big news along the way.

By harnessing the power of technology and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, we aim to create an ecosystem that not only supports bee health, but also enhances biodiversity, improves food security, and enriches the quality of life for all inhabitants in Oslo and beyond.


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