Local Buzz cordially invites all Local Buzz members & contributors from 2021 to 2023 to a special «reunion» event at the Greenhouse Oslo rooftop in September. It’s a gathering to celebrate our community’s support for urban beekeeping, locally and ethically produced honey as well as the joy of learning from bees. There is no participation fee, thanks to the financial support we have received from Bydel Gamle Oslo. Hurra!

We will be serving drinks made from Local Buzz honey and snacks made with local produce as well as honey. The garden will be thriving with herbs and flowers, and filled with beautiful people like yourself. So head on over and fill in the link to register your participation in this event!

Community-supported beekeeping (Andelsbirøkterlag) is still in its infancy, and our members’ contributions have made it possible for Local Buzz to grow and evolve for three years. The idea was born during an urban agriculture conference organized by Nabolagshager in 2020 during a discussion between Idil and Nat. Since then, Local Buzz has been exploring the perfect balance between what a CSB can and should offer within its resources. Local Buzz has also been experimenting with new and creative ways to increase community engagement in beekeeping while adapting to the changing needs of our community members and the community beekeeper.

There is such a huge potential for other community beekeeping initiatives to emerge and thrive not only in Oslo but throughout Norway! Just imagine if other neighborhoods in Oslo had their own CSB program, and you could be part of the local honey production in your own neighborhood.

Well, there is nothing stopping us from taking the CSB scheme towards this vision! Let’s celebrate the wonderful evolution Local Buzz has experienced, and let us celebrate you: members from all 3 cohorts of Local Buzz, and our wonderful (non-member) supporters! Let’s come together to build up the energy to spread the word, and inspire others to create and join community-supported initiatives!

This invitation is only and only for Local Buzz members. You will receive an email from us about the date and the time of the event!

See you soon!